12/17/2015, REA meeting. Brussels

The VIP4ALL consortium met at the Research Executive Agency for the final evaluation of the VIP4ALL project. It received very good feedback from the Project Officer and the Reviewer. The project finished successfully and all the goals were achieved. 
More information about the project results can be found on the main page

VIP4ALL members from left to right:
Dr. Roland Caps – VaQtec, Germany
Jess Larsen – Nordisk, Denmark
Seyed Ghaffar - Brunel University, UK
Prof. Mizi Fan - Brunel University, UK
Dr. Flávia Almeida - Instituto Pedro Nunes, Portugal
Susana García Rama – García Rama, Spain
Ángela Llamas Delgado – García Rama, Spain
Nuno Estrada – Sofalca, Portugal
Jorge Corker - Instituto Pedro Nunes, Portugal

11/23/2015 Coimbra meeting. Portugal

The last meeting of VIP4ALL project took place at IPN facilities in Coimbra, Portugal. There was a training activity where the partners could see the demo houses built at IPN as well as the performance, production and installation of the VIP4ALL panels. IPN explained the main technical features, installation and outcomes of the project to the partners. All SMEs are optimistic with the results obtained and discussed future actions for the product.

07/06/2015 Abrantes meeting. Portugal

The VIP4ALL consortium met at SOFALCA facilities in Abrantes, Portugal. The partners could see the process of cork extraction as well as the production of the expanded cork agglomerate that is used for different purposes besides insulation.

04/20/2015 Würzburg meeting. Germany

Meeting and visit to va-Q-tec facilities in Würzburg, Germany. The Consortium could see the process of manufacturing different types of VIP, the materials used for the panels, the equipment and machines, and the controls made on the VIPs at the laboratories.

VIP4ALL video. IPN laboratory

13/10/2014 Meeting and visit to  Va-Q-tec

Visit the production line. We have visited the whole company facilities, warehouse and processes of the VIP products. The products of the Va-Q-tec range from panels, cool container, appliances insulation systems and many others.

18/09/2014 Brussels Meeting. Belgium

The Review Meeting for the Project Period 1 has taken place at REA premises in Brussels, with the presence of our P.O. Ms Petra and her assistant. The day before, a closed preparatory meeting was carried out by all partners in another venue in Brussels, in order to prepare all issues to be introduced and discussed with the Officer the day after. The meeting with Ms Petra was intense and quite constructive, leading to the full understanding by the officers about the project's aims and work achieved, results accomplished and the future success with realistic likelihood analysis. The specific role and significant contributions by each partner to the project as well as the high degree of mutual understanding and coordination was also showed and was acknowledged by the officer. Finally, a very high overall valuation was received by the officer, which is quite a lot encouraging to go on working hard in this promising project. Thanks to all partners for the hard work and congratulations!

09/09/2014 Coimbra Meeting. Portugal

The 4th technical meeting was held in Coimbra (Portugal), hosted by IPN. The main aim was to review the work done during the Period 1 of the project in all aspects research, dissemination, management, and to prepare the review meeting that was to be carried out in Brussels with the REA Officer. Updates about the current state of the project results and the product prospection were thoroughly analyzed and discussed with very optimistic feelings.

28/04/2014 Hilerod Meeting. Denmark

During the 28th of April a technical meeting was hosted by our Danish partner Nordisk Perlite. All partners had the opportunity to visit Nordisk factory and facilities at Hillerod (Denmark) where their perlite is produced. The technical meeting have been carried out with the goals of reviewing the initial work performed until that moment, as well as the planning of research work and dissemination activities and interim plan for the final months of Project Period 1.

24/01/2014 London Meeting. United Kingdom

Work developed and the running work of WP2, WP3 and the start of WP4.

06/11/2013 Kick-off meeting in Gijón. Spain

On the 6th of November, 2013,It was held in Gijón the First Consortium Meeting in order to discuse the Activities Plan related to the Project and The Consortium Agreement, among other issues.



06/06/2013 Negotiation meeting in Brussels. Belgium

On the 6th of June 2013, It took place in Brussels a Negociation Meeting among future Consortium Partners of the Project and Members of the European Union. For more than 3 hours the Partners of the Project explained to the Project Officer all the objectives, expectatives, aims and details related to the Project.