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GARCÍA RAMA is a private company created in 1991 to meet the growing demand in the refurbishing of façades. RAMA offers services of housing development, construction and rehabilitation of buildings from a global approach, energy efficiency analysis, solutions to structural conditions of habitability, and design and installation of ventilated façade systems, among others. It also manages legal aspects of the construction industry: licensing, technical direction and coordination, etc. GARCÍA RAMA has its own ventilated façade system and participated in various national and EU research projects, e.g. FP7 R4SMEs-AGs: StorePET and FP7 R4SMEs: ICECLAY.


VA-Q-TEC is an innovative highly-experienced manufacturer and supplier of VIP systems for construction, refrigerators, freezers and storage boxes. VA-Q-TEC is a recognised innovative SME with 170 employees and an extensive patent portfolio. VA-Q-TEC has extensive experience in vacuum insulation development and manufacturing. It is the only vacuum insulations manufacturer, which uses different core materials such as nanoporous silica, glass fibers and open porous foams. VA-Q-TEC produces several hundred thousand square meters of vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) and several tens of thousands of boxes and containers per annum. Its expertise is enhancing thermal management and developing core materials for different applications of vacuum insulation panels. The project is deemed an innovation opportunity for the building and construction industry.


SOFALCA is one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of expanded cork agglomerate and regranulate solutions since 1966. Made by expanding cork grains through the action of steam and by agglutinating them only with the resins from the cork itself without the use of any synthetic agents, SOFALCA diversified products portfolio includes agglomerate cork tiles for inner roofs, walls and floating floors thermal insulation, soundproof and anti-vibration comfort and façade thermal insulation, as well as regranulate cork grains to be used not only as floor insulation fillers, but also to produce lightweight concrete. SOFALCA is most specialised in cork materials, including the fundamental properties, processing technologies and potential innovations and a company that continuously pursues new fields of and high value added application linked to this segment.


NORDISK is one of the leading European companies dealing with the production of all types of perlite products from traditional expanded products to fine tuned milled ones. NORDISK develops perlite materials for a large number of industries and export around 60% of their product to many countries in the world. NORDISK PERLITE supplies a broad spectrum of perlite materials for building components and structures taking full advantage of the outstanding and unique properties of perlite, from low and high temperature insulation, filtration, chemical and environmental control industries.


ECOTERRA specializes in environment and sustainability, including all aspects of engineering and architecture: flexible structures, permeable materials, interconnection subsurface flow, etc. Bioclimatic approach of buildings is their core. Their aim is to increase eco-efficiency so that energy consumption for climatization reaches the lowest rate.


IPN is a non-profit private organization founded in 1991, promoting innovation and technology transfer. IPN Incubator was distinguished with the 1st prize in 2010 on the Best Science Based Incubator contest around the world. IPN work is made through RTD in partnership with enterprises; specialized training; dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge; promotion of the creation of technology-based enterprises. IPN have participated in many national and EU projects (e.g.SILENTWALL, CUTEWALL, STOREPET) with its own technological infrastructures – six laboratories.


The Nano cellulose and Bio Composite Research Centre at BRUNEL has intensive research experience in nano materials and their innovative application in construction, including polymers, ceramics, cementitious materials, nano-composite processing and soft solids and natural materials. In addition to the processing of materials, the centre has expertise in the synthesis and morphological control of small inorganic micrometre and nanometre size particles. It is equipped with an extensive arrange of processing equipments. The Centre has generated a substantial portfolio of research contracts from the UK and EU (FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects, e.g. PERPAN, PANELS, SHEAR, WOODRUB, FIBCEM, CELLUWOOD) and also directly from major industries. BRE, Unilever, Rolls-Royce, National Power and British Aerospace have all featured significantly in the work of the Centre. Several most recent FP7 projects are in particular relevant to VIP4ALL: e.g. FIBCEM ‘Nanotechnology enhanced extruded fibre cement based environmentally friendly sandwich panels for building construction’ involving the development of models and modelling of nano particles and properties of nano based fibre cement composites, and CELLUWOOD ‘Highly functional wood based building composites and system enhanced by nano cellulose’ involving the product development and constitutive modelling of nano composites and systems.